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MOST 2000 Mail Opener and Extraction Solution

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Ultra Letter Openers

Single Cut 100 An Extra Heavy Duty High-Speed Envelope Opening Machine Utilizing Mill Cutting Technology

The high speed Ultra Single Cut 100 is also a Mill cutting high speed letter opener. This floor model machine opens one side of the envelope at 600 envelopes per minute or 36,000 per hour. Mill cutting helps eliminate damage to contents while leaving a smooth feathered edge on the envelope after it is cut. The obvious benefit from this method of opening is fewer paper, finger and cuticle cuts to the operators and damaged contents repair work is eliminated.

TriCut 2000L Three Sided Envelope Opener/Stacker for the Intensive Sorting and Handling Application

The TriCut 2000L opens envelopes up to 6" x 10" on 3 sides at 3500 envelopes per hour. Opened envelopes are easily stacked intact on an output conveyor, then trayed and distributed to clerks for contents removal at their manual workstations. The chance of accidentally throwing something away is significantly reduced since the envelope's interior is completely accessed while removing the contents. Mill cutting is offered as an option on all 3 sides.

The Ultra Systems TriFold 2000 Single Station is a stand alone, high performance mail-opening and extraction system. It processes a wide mix of remittance and exception or white mail, opening each envelope on 3 sides with a duty cycle speed in excess of 3000 pieces per hour. The clean, efficient slicing of an envelope and folding of the envelope sides away from the contents provides complete exposure of the contents for easy, comfortable removal and sorting.

The TriFold 2000 Dual Station configuration is an excellent match for difficult mail with multiples of sorting schemes. The dual station TriFold is also a terrific economic solution. Companies with slower, sort and or decision intensive applications can now buy twice as many extraction processing seats for 1/3 less cost.

The MOST 2000 is designed to process white mail, or mail of varying thickness and sizes comprised of full-page documents and/or checks or remittances. To minimize potential damage to folded contents, each envelope is opened on 3 sides using mill-cutting technology. This cutting process protects the integrity of the contents by eliminating the threat of slicing the documents. The mail processing workstation is integrated with Document and/or check scanners. Contents are removed from the envelopes by the operator, unfolded as required and scanned. The images of the correspondence, checks and even the envelope itself are exported to the appropriate document or remittance processing system.