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Secap Model TC 36 - The TC 36 desktop conveyor is an excellent complement to desktop printers. Provides a convenient and hands-free method of stacking printed media.

Secap Model TC 48 - The TC48 vacuum assist conveyor features two high capacity fans that help control the registration and transport of difficult materials.

Secap Model TCD 72 - The TCD 72 vacuum assist conveyor features a 2000-watt dryer for rapid drying of HP ink on glossy and coated stock. High output fans provide vacuum control that stabilizes difficult material and offers smooth delivery to the adjustable drop tray.

Secap Model TD 36 - The TD 36 heater/dryer can be used in combination with a conveyor is the professional approach to speeding up the drying process while retaining print quality.

Bulk Mailer 5 Secap Edition , is a full featured, powerfully advanced mail list software that provides superior mailing capabilities. The Secap Edition of Bulk Mailer 5 is offered in two versions, a Standard version that is ideal for small to medium sized organizations, which handles lists up to 5,000 addresses and the Professional version that is geared towards large volume mailers with no address limitations.

Secap Ink Management System - The Secap Ink Management System is an ideal solution for substantially reducing ink costs and increasing print production by reducing the need for operator intervention during long production runs.

PostnetVerifierTM - The PostnetVerifierTM from Secap is an ideal solution for evaluating barcode print quality. The verifier scans pieces during the production run and measures the Postnet barcode for meeting Postal standards.

Secap Model FR170 Feeder - Feeder The Secap FR170 is compact, fast, and simple to setup and use. It is capable of processing up to 54,000 mail pieces per hour. This feeder is ideal for increasing the throughput and reducing the manual intervention associated with running medium and large sized mailings.

Secap Model FR270 Feeder - The Secap FR270 feeder is a heavy-duty feeder that can be added to Secap printers or a Secap Jet 1 Tabber to increase the productivity of the workstation. The FR270 is compact, fast, and simple to setup and use. It can be integrated through the use of a cable or can be used standalone in a continuous mode.