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Description: The Xtreme Vision Systems Matching Software can contain from two cameras to an unlimited number of cameras matching each other. Barcode Scanners can be used in place of cameras to reduce the costs.

The software compares the read data between each reader, in the event of a mismatch condition the software will issue a stop signal to the host. The cameras can be programmed to any insert station, custom applications are available. Matching can be combined with other software modules such as read & Print. Our Matching software can be configured and installed on a variety of equipment, call us today to receive a quote for your application.

Below is an application installed on a Buhrs BB600 inserter with Two way Matching and Read & Print software installed. The software can be interfaced with the inserter for error control such as diverting bad reads.

Read & Print

Below is an application installed on a Bell & Howell Inserter with a GBR-420T connected in station two. The software matches the read data from station one and compares it to the read data from the accumulated and folded sets coming out of the feeder located in station two.

Two Way Match

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