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Read & Print

Description: The Xtreme Vision Systems Read & Print software module will work with most ink jet printers available. The system can utilize either a camera or a barcode scanner for reading. The software reads the data from the document, finds a matching field in a database (lookup), then extracts the address information from the database, and sends the address to an in-line ink-jet printer when the document arrives at the printer.

The system can be customized to be installed on many different types of equipment and different configurations. Below is a screen shot of a system with a camera mounted in station one of an inserter and printing on the envelope after the turnover.

Read & PrintRead & Print

Below is a screen shot of a system with the camera mounted in a GBR-438 Feeder sending the feeder the required data for feeder control and performing the database lookup and printing the address on the envelope after the turnover.

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