On top of all of the advantages that our Xtreme Visions Systems Software offers, it is also one of the lowest priced systems on the market.  With Xtreme Visions Systems, you can enjoy savings of 30% or more, while ensuring that you are getting the utmost in integrity and flexibility.

The Xtreme Vision Systems is a PC Based System that allows for easy and efficient upgrades for virtually any reading requirement in the print and mailroom environment.  From reading OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), OCR fonts (Optical Character Recognition) and standard 1D Barcodes to the very small 2D Barcodes and the NEW IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode), this system is sure to have the versatility that you have been looking for.

More and more in today’s market, privacy issues are requiring a high level of integrity in the way mail production is handled.  Xtreme Vision Systems can provide the level of security you need to ensure that every document is checked and mailed out to the proper recipient.  From sequence checking, grouping multiple page sets, insert selection, document matching, to database lookup, in-line inkjet printing and audit  trails, you can provide the level of service and protection that your customers are looking for.  Xtreme Vision Systems Software can be integrated with virtually any type of equipment, the possibilities are almost endless.

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Current Software Solutions

Match between two cameras

Match between three cameras

Read document, database look-up and print outside envelope

Match between two cameras, database look-up and print outside envelope

Match between three cameras, database look-up and print outside envelope

Sequential number checking, after turnover with Audit Trail

Sequential number checking, in station

Insert station selection

Grouping multiple page sets

Read document database look-up and print on inkjet printer

Match between two barcode scanners

Feeder Control (Baumfolder & GBR)

Feeder Control / Two Way Matching (Baumfolder & GBR)

Ten (10) Way match/document verification, in-line print control and lot numbers

Dual feeder Control and Matching (Baumfolder & GBR)

Booklet Maker Inside-outside Print Control

InkJet Printer Selective Feeder Control

OMR Reading/Feeder Control (Baumfolder & GBR)

Hand Assembly Verification

Inserter Control

Feeder/Folder Control

* Additional modes will be added as available

* Custom modes available upon request

Xtreme Vision Systems Custom Software Solutions