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Used Equipment

We have a large inventory of Used, Refurbished and Rebuilt equipment for the mailing, printing and packaging industries. Our inventory changes weekly, please call us if you are looking for a specific piece of equipment. Below is a sampling of what we have  but does not include all of the equipment we have available.

We offer equipment upgrades, refurbishing, rebuilding, systems integration and custom software services. If you have any mailing equipment you would like to sell please contact us for a bid, we also purchase used machines.

“AS IS” Equipment

Equipment sold on an as is bases may or may not be in running order.  Customers who are looking for equipment “As Is” are usually looking for a bargain and have the expertise to put the system back into full production order. 

Running Order Equipment

Equipment sold in running order has been tested to make sure that all the functions of the system are in running order.  We inspect and replace any missing parts and make any adjustments required to put the unit back into running order.

Refurbished Equipment

Equipment sold in refurbished order is brought up to full production condition.  We inspect and go through the whole unit.  The system is cleaned, and all parts that are bad or worn with less than 50% expected life is replaced.  The unit is then tested to ensure that it is mechanically sound and production ready.

Rebuilt Equipment

Equipment sold in rebuilt order is totally disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up.  We clean and repaint the frame, top plates and covers, replace all bad or worn parts and provide all new wiring.  The unit is then tested to ensure that it is mechanically sound and production ready.

Equipment List

Machine Condition Description

1999 Bell & Howell Mailstar 400 Six (6) Station VIP with GBR-420 turnover, nice machine

1995 Bell & Howell Mailstar 400 Six (6) Station Turnover, good condition

Streamfeeder V710 DM (Dual Mode) friction feeder with Batch Count

1989 Four (4) Station 7200 Stacker Inserter, good condition

2001 Mailstar 500 Four (4) Station Inserter with turnover, excellent condition, Track extension for feeder

1977 Royal 10,000 Four (4) Station Inserter with stacker and shuttle envelope feed

1985 Imperial 10,000 Six (6) Station with turnover, cabinet model

GBR-420 (PF-300) Off Line System

Baum 18.5 x 22.5 Friction Feed, 417 Series, with right angle