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Description: Our Feeder Control software can be added to existing Inserters and Feeder/Folder systems. The conversion consists of removing the existing operating system (AUI computer system and 9995 computer) from the inserter and allowing the inserter to run independently as a base machine. In addition to the inserter we remove the feeder control system from the feeder/folder and replace it with the Xtreme Vision Systems Feeder Control Software. The feeder control system has a Non-Read mode where the set accumulation will be done by a fixed page count. The feeder control system can be upgraded to add reading as needed. The software also controls the inserter station inserts, envelope and flap detect controls.

The system is equipped with a six inch color touch screen programmable logic controller for ease of use and low maintenance costs. Below are some screen shots of the operating software.

Feeder 1Feeder 2Feeder 3Feeder 4Feeder 5Feeder 6Feeder 7Feeder 8Feeder 9Feeder 10

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